Millwork Project Manager

Our ideal Project Manager is responsible for overall project execution and performance, including budget, projections, project margins, hiring, firing, lay-off, and health and safety of all field employees and foremen, including the day‑to­‑day supervision of projects.

Project Responsibilities –

  • Ensure that each specific project has a properly executed contract and is signed by an Officer of the Company.
  • Ensure that job estimates and budgets for all four (4) functions are in order—including shop engineering, shop labor, material, and field installation.
  • Ensure that Detailing and Purchasing have identified all materials with long lead times and are ordered in a timely manner.
  • Ensure all “start” and “completion” dates, once established, are communicated to all concerned at the Weekly Staff Meetings (Weekly Production Schedule), and/or to the appropriate individual within the organization to ensure that any commitments or potential commitments are properly understood and acknowledged in a timely manner.
  • Ensure that all customer deposits and remittances are received and invoices are sent in a timely manner. An Officer of the Company is to be advised of any problems regarding said items.
  • Ensure that all elevators, lobbies, doorways, and delivery areas are measured and properly documented so that all shop drawings and production specifications will take into account physical limitations of overall job sites.
  • Ensure that all foremen and employees are apprised of the hourly budget to complete each task, the shop drawings, and be able to track shop budgets vs. hours.
  • Project Execution –

  • Ensure that Monthly Safety Meetings with installers on all projects are completed and documented.
  • Ensure that any unsafe practices are discontinued or changed to mitigate any possible injury, loss, or damage on the job site.
  • Ensure that all new field employees and foremen have completed the new employee general safety orientation and field orientation systems during the first day of employment.
  • Ensure that all field employees are properly trained and advised of all safety rules and practice safe work habits in the field.
  • Thorough knowledge of millwork, veneer and cabinet related materials and their corresponding hardware.
  • Ensure that all Fire Prevention and Emergency Action Plans are understood by all employees and foremen in the field.
  • Ensure that all field work conditions are met—i.e., climate control, electrical and lighting. Also interface with contractor/superintendent to provide the best working conditions for field employees.
  • Project Administration –

  • Ensure that all billings (invoices) and change orders are completed and mailed by the appropriate due date set by the contractor (usually the 20th of the month).
  • Ensure that all aspects of each project are sufficiently supervised, including but not limited to change orders, approvals and acceptance, invoicing, collections, scheduling, budgeting, staffing with proper personnel, and acceptance by owner.
  • Ensure that all costs-to-date and cost projections are valid and documented so that all job margins can be accurately projected and controlled throughout the duration of the project.
  • Ensure that all change orders are properly authorized in writing prior to proceeding with any additional work.
  • Ensure that the highest level of quality for the installation of fixture work is attained for each project within budget and projected margins for the job.
  • Ensure that the requirements of the designer, architect, contractor, and owner are met by the project’s completion.